We combine genuine conversation with latest technology to ensure we’re delivering your vision every step of the way.

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At Narcity Construction, we are committed to our clients first—listening to your needs and goals for every project. We go above and beyond to be a partner you can always trust.

We successfully deliver projects as a general contractor, construction manger, and design builder.

From Project Management to Design, Renovation to Restoration, New Development to Retail, Residential to Commercial, Institutional to Industrial, Restaurants to Hospitality—We do it all, and We do it all well.
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Our residential, commercial and industrial expertise serves the unique needs of multiple industries.

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Full-Service Construction Firm

Our years of experience and team expertise help us provide the best service.

Creative & Cutting-Edge Technology

We use latest technology and extensive knowledge to finish quality projects on time and on budget.

Customized Approach

We listen to your needs, goals, and vision first to help us build the right solution for you all the time.

Our work speaks for itself

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Health and safety

Narcity Construction is committed to maintaining the highest standards of occupational health and safety in all areas of our construction activities.
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Quality control

We always develop project-specific quality plans that meet industry standards and incorporate client needs and expectations, with problem solving approach to find the right answer, on the ground, when it’s needed.
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Customer focus

We take the time to learn about our clients and how our approach to construction can add value to their project. We ensure we are in constant communication.
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Community minded

We are supporting communities around us.
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Better Control your Project Risk

We can offer clients expertise from project conception to completion and beyond. And make no mistake, the depth of our service offering has a direct and positive impact on managing your project risk.
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BIM ( Virtual Design and Construction)

The advantages of using BIM, or Virtual Construction, on a construction project are extremely important, real-time access to project info is available to all team members at the same time. BIM can create a true understanding of drawings in a matter of minutes with 4D animation, instead of studying drawings and schedules for weeks.
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Saving You Time and Money

Performing a constructability review is very important, during this process we can identify exactly what the project owner’s goals and requirements are, while performing a review of the contract, drawings and specifications, will eliminate, project delays, errors, change orders and extra costs.
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Site Analyses & Selection

All sites are different from each other When considering a building site, what we don’t see can hurt us. While land costs may be very similar in certain areas, the cost to build on a site can vary considerably. Many factors must be considered to ensure that the site meets your needs and doesn’t contain unwanted and costly surprises.
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Sustainable Building

Today buildings must be designed to reduce their carbon footprint and be more environmentally responsible. We initiate full recycling on construction sites to reduce waste stream to landfill and no bottled water in our office.
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Value Engineering

A Focus on Solutions The highest potential for Value Engineering (VE) is in an integrated team setting during the pre-construction stage, when design, construction, engineering and other professional disciplines are aligned.

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